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1. Made of pure wax and environmentally friendly non-plastic products
2. It glows with the beauty of a candle without burning the wax with a flame
3. It flickers like a real candle but has no smoke or odor
4. Its TWO-HEAD LED gives upward and downward light
5. The LED performs up to 25,000 hours because of the candle's low power consumption
6. It takes 1.5 hours to fully charge, and lights up to 10 hours without recharging
7. It can be used for entertainment or dining, as a night light, or as a flash light in emergencies

V8171 LCD PC




This whole aluminum chassis which keeps high specification systems in a heat-free environment; the tilt, VESA and optional touch panel provide users the various application possibility.

Non proprietary mainboard needed. Yes! This patented 17" barebone aluminum LCD PC gives users the freedom to install the standard mATX mainboard into the back side of  the all-in-one LCD PC in seconds. Users can choose the favorite name brand mainboard, memory, and hard drive with Intel P4 CPU.

All the necessary components can be found in the markets which tremendously reduces the troubles of repairing or upgrading. Also, it's unique PCI and AGP riser cards provide system the extension flexibility.

It also can be a 17" LCD TV for just a TV tuner added.

V8171 Specifications:
System come with:
LCD Display               17" SXGA, 1280 x 1024 Pixel
Storage Device          Slim DVD/CD-RW Comb
                                   13 in 1 Card Reader
Speaker                      2 x 5W Built-In Speakers
Power                         220W Power Supply 
Tilt                              15° Up & 3°  Down
Wall Mount                         VESA Standard
Extension Slot                     1 AGP + 1 PCI or 2 PCIs
Safety Regulations:             FCC, CE
Items need to build a complete system:
Mainboard                  Standard mATX Mainboard
Processors                 Intel P4 CPU up to 3.X GHz
Hard Disk Drive          3½" Height Hard Disk Drive
Memory                       Up to 2G
Touch Panel                        Optional

Based on the "Easy Assemble®" system design, the 17" LCD Panel PC sets a new standard for the LCD PC. As a system, the LCD Panel PC maximum flexibility allows you to configure your own desirable system. Whether you are an entry level web surfer or a computer power user, the LCD Panel PC has the solution to fit you. As an LCD monitor, the enlarged frame and stylish design is comfortable for your vision to allow you the joy of viewing the monitor. The SXGA flat LCD panel and powerful speaker systems; brings you the most vivid images and sound effects, and are available in three different colors, (blue, black or silver).
This system is available as a "BARE BONES" system, allowing you the opportunity and flexibility of installing your favorite brand of Micro ATX Intel P4 motherboard, memory and hard drive.

So, say good-bye to the old fashioned bulky desktop computer systems. Enjoy the convenience and simplicity the LCD Panel PC brings to you!

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